Sun Moon Lake 1-day Boat Tour Ticket

On-site tickets cost much more at NT$300. KKday only NT100.
The location: Taiwan, Taipei
Duration: 1hour(s)
Guide Language:


Day 1

The experience

From the Shueishe Dock you can take a tour yacht to the Hsüan-kuang Ssu Temple and Itashao, these sites are located amid the Sun Moon Lake and afford amazing, beautiful views of the natural environs.

【Ticket Exchange Booth】
(staff will be wearing blue polos)
Provide your KKday booking no. and you can exchange for your 1 day Boat ticket at the Shueishe Docks’ Salan Ticket booth

【Boat tour routes】
Shuishe pier -- Xuan Guang Si pier -- Yidashao pier

【Boarding Point】
.Ticket type:Same price for adults and children
.Shuishe pier:No.1 Boarding point
.Xuan Guang Si pier:No.1 Boarding point
.Yidashao pier:No.2 Boarding point

This day pass is suitable for adults, special fares, children, animals, or bicycles. Take notice that if you bring a pet or bicycle, you must purchase a separate ticket for them.
For example: 1 guest 1 bicycle, needs 2 tickets.



  • Sun Moon Lake 1-day boat tour ticket

Not included

  • verything else

Types of Vouchers

  • Paper Voucher Only
  • Please redeem the physical ticket with printed confirmation voucher at the designated location
Ticket exchange point1
at the Shueishe Docks’ Salan Ticket booth. (The staff will be wearing blue polos)
No.80, Zhongxing Rd., Yuchi Township, Nantou County
Open time
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun
09:00 ~ 17:00


  • Voucher is only valid for reserved dates and time slots
  • Due to safety considerations, in the event of haze or inclement weather resulting in temporary departure cessation, you should consider whether to board; we regret that as soon as you have used your ticket or if it is damaged, refunds are not available.
  • Guests taking the Cable Car should note that the Cable Car tickets are only on sale until 3:30pm, so make sure to buy your tickets early.
  • This special offer cannot be joined with any other special offer, nor are cash refunds or change allowed.
  • Attractions visited will vary according to wind directions
  • Once this ticket has been exchanged, no unilateral refund is available

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