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Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach Langkawi, also known locally as “Pantai Pasir Hitam”, is located at the north costal of Langkawi Island, 2km west to the Tanjung Rhu. It takes around 25 minutes drive from Kuah Town.

It is actually mixture of black sand and normal sand, not totally black sand at the beach. There are many tales and explanation behind the black sand:
  1. Civil war
    Long time ago, there is a war before Underwater Kingdom and Land Kingdom, caused by a mermaid princess fall in love and runaway with the prince of Land Kingdom.

    A wiseman from the Land Kingdom think of a brilliant idea to win the war. He orders soldiers to gather woods as much as possible and put it along the beach, and he orders to burn the woods when Underwater army appears. From far, it looks like there are thousands of Land soldiers carrying fire torch along the beaches, Underwater army retreats immediately.

    However, the black sand on the beach does not look like burnt ashes, and if you dig a few centimeters into the sand, there are actually normal sand beneath.
  2. Another local tales is that the beach become black is cursed by some mermaid who was angry at fisherman who has stolen her rings.
  3. A more scientific explanation is that large amounts of tourmaline and ilmenite in the granite of Gunung Raya has turned the sand into black.

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